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2 Days to fall in Love with Udaipur:

Udaipur Travel Blog:

Udaipur is exceptionally delightful spot to visit and investigate such countless spots identified with excellence, nature, history, culture. There is s0 much to explore in Udaipur. We started our journey of 250 km from Jodhpur on Bike and reached by night. Then we checked into a hotel & took some rest. You can travel by Bike, Car, Train or Bus as many transport options are available.

City Palace adjoining Lake Pichola

The city of Udaipur shaped the capital of the past Kingdom of Mewar, according to old Indian history. This was a an excursion that will take almost 1-2 hours easily because there is so much to explore inside. Mewar is a sloping and fortifying green piece of Rajasthan. It lies in the windward side of the strong Aravallis-probably the most established mountain on the planet.

Things to explore in Udaipur:-

1. Lake Pichola

2. City Palace

3. Karni mata Temple

4. Fateh Sagar Lake

5. Jagdish Temple

6. Jag Mandir and Taj palace

7. Sajjangarh Fort

8. Bapu Bazzar

9. Gangaur Ghat

10. Srinath Temple …….

(These are the locations we visited in 2 days)

Lake Pichola :

A fascinating part of Lake Pichola that we found was that the entire city of Udaipur flourished around and in it – generally just as to its current state. It is a man-made lake – curiously by, a prominently referred to wanderer as "Banjara" in Rajasthan. A long time later, Maharana Udai Singh, the originator of Udaipur assembled the city around this very lake.

We tracked down that the Lake Palace Hotel, by the renowned Taj gathering of inns, to be the point of convergence. The gleaming lights of this lodging pondering the water is something that waited on to our faculties for seemingly forever. Udaipur leaves an engraving that is best felt when visited face to face. We were informed that few ages of the ruler had a comparative propensity for the lake. Every age added to upgrading the excellence of the lake by building royal residences which they abandoned on the four islands inside the lake and the connecting land.

City Palace Udaipur:

City Palace, Udaipur is a castle complex arranged in the city of Udaipur in the Indian province of Rajasthan. It was worked over a time of almost 400 years, with commitments from a few leaders of the Mewar tradition.

City castle contains all that was identified with ruler and his family from their garments to their photographs, vehicle they utilized for riding, display , sovereigns room to her parlor, instruments utilized and each and every thing.

It merited seeing every one of the things and thinking about the set of experiences related with each and every thing.

Fateh Sagar Lake:

According to historical information, in 1888, the principal lake moved washed away because of floods. This is when Maharana Fateh Singh acted the hero and requested the development of a dam which is presently known as the Connaught Bund or dike. The 800-meter long dam was based on the eastern side of the lake.

In the archaic period, the expense of the remodel was 6 lakh rupees which were caused by the ruler. The dam is as yet viewed as the second most huge wellspring of drinking water for individuals in Udaipur. Along these lines, the lake has been named Lake Fateh Sagar to respect the liberality of ruler Maharana Fateh Singh.

There is no Entry Fee to visit Lake Fatehsagar. The Timings of Fatehsagar are from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

· The cost of the boat ride ticket varies according to nationality. It is Rs. 15-30 for Indians and Rs. 60-125 for foreigners.

· The cost of a motorboat ticket is Rs.200 for adults, and Rs. 100 for children.

· The Speedboat ticket is slightly expensive as it costs about Rs. 200 for 30 minutes. The timings for speedboat ride is from 8 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening.

Karni Mata Temple:

Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple is a Hindu sanctuary situated on the Machla Magra Hills, close to the Doodh Talai Lake in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It cherishes the stone icon of Karni Mata. One can have exceptionally wonderful perspective on entire city and its lakes from the sanctuary just as while climbing.

The walk is without contamination as no vehicles can enter in the slope limit. You Can also go by Rope way. It will cost Rs 117/- per person both way and it is very adventurous experience.

Jagdish Temple:-

Jagdish Temple is a huge Hindu sanctuary in Udaipur in Rajasthan, right external the imperial castle. It has been in persistent love since 1651. A major vacation spot, the sanctuary was initially called the sanctuary of Jagannath Rai yet is currently called Jagdish-ji.

It is a significant landmark in Udaipur. The architectural design is the must watch thing in the temple.

Jag Mandir and Taj palace:

Jag Mandir is a castle based on an island in the Lake Pichola. It is additionally called the "Lake Garden Palace". The royal residence is situated in Udaipur city in the Indian territory of Rajasthan. Its development is credited to three Maharanas of the Sisodia Rajputs of Mewar realm. The development of the royal residence was begun in 1551 by Maharana Amar Singh, proceeded by Maharana Karan Singh (1620–1628) lastly finished by Maharana Jagat Singh I (1628–1652). It is named as "Jagat Mandir" out of appreciation for the last named Maharana Jagat Singh.

Taj Palace is a hotel on Lake Pichola, very beautiful and view of kale from your Room. Mode of transportation is by Boat..

Sajjangarh Fort:

The Monsoon Palace, also called the Sajjan Garh Palace, is a hilltop palatial home in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan in India, overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake. It is named Sajjangarh after Maharana Sajjan Singh (1874–1884) of the Mewar Dynasty, what it's identity was worked for in 1884. The castle offers an all encompassing perspective on the city's lakes, royal palace and surrounding open countryside.

It was constructed primarily to watch the monsoon clouds ; hence, properly, it is famously known as Monsoon Palace. It is said that the Maharana assembled it at the highest point of the slope to get a perspective on his genealogical home, Chittorgarh. Recently claimed by the Mewar regal family, it is presently controlled by the Forest Department of the Government of Rajasthan and has as of late been opened to the general population. The royal palace gives a wonderful view of sunset.

We went there it was raining heavily , you have to collect ticket first on the gate then you need to go around 3-4km to Sajjangarh fort. Ticket per person is for INR 107.5/- .

Bapu Bazar:

It is among the most famous market in the city of Lakes – Udaipur. Bapu Bazaar is a lively market bouncing with novel exercises to partake in all day long.

Bapu Bazar the city of Udaipur is well known for its real handicraft work and Rajasthani souvenirs. The market is additionally famous for its variety of road food specialties, particularly the mouth-watering gol gappas.

Udaipur's Bapu Bazaar, is an optimal objective to invest an incredible energy with your friends and family. Be entertained by the attractions of this popular place of interest.

Gangaur Ghat:-

Gangaur Ghat is at the edge of Lake Pichola, you can sit here and enjoy local folk songs and it really gives us peace of mind. There are several hotels and restaurants situated nearby where you have relax and enjoy food with lake view.

After Lunch at Jagat Niwas Palace and after enjoying folk song we left Udaipur and started our Journey back to Jodhpur.

On the way to Jodhpur after 45 KM from Udaipur there is Shree Nath Temple so we decided to cover that as well.

Shree Nath Temple:

Shrinathji Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shrinath ji in Nathdwara. It is considered an important pilgrimage center by Vaishnavas.

You need to take the copy of vaccination report along with you to enter the temple. Also all your baggage and your phone, camera all the things will be submitted in clock room and you will be provided Token. You can Not carry anything along with you inside the temple.

Them we finally started our journey back Jodhpur, and reached Jodhpur by around 11:30PM.

It was an awesome trip with full of adventure and happy memories.

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